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Early LifeEdit

Krystal was born in San Francisco,California,where her family from South Korea settled from the 1980s. During a trip to South Korea in early 2000,when Krystal was 5 years old,she and her old sister Jessica were spotted by a talent agency S.M. Entertainment which earned her cameo apperance in Shinhwa's" Wedding March" Music Video. The Agency saw potential in both Krystal and her older sister Jessica and offered them singing and dancing lessons opting to professionally train them in a singing career. However, the offer was turned down by her parents reasoning that Krystal was too young. Therefore, her parents at first allowed her older sister to join the agency,who debuted as a member of a girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.

In 2002, Krystal began appearing in television commercials. She first appeared in a Lotte commercial with a Korean actress Han Ga In. In 2006, her allowed her to join S.M. Entertainment,and the agency enrolled her in dance classes, including Hip Hop and Jazz.


She attended Korean Kent Foreign School after moving to Korea, and graduated in Hanlim Performing Arts School on Febuary 7 2013,where she was honored with an achivment award. She is currently attending Sungkyngkwan University majoring in performing arts. She is fluent in both English and Korean.